Walls of Jerusalem - Tassie

With the new year comes new adventures, starting with a jaunt into the Walls of Jerusalem National Park in Tassie. Since walking the Overland Track back in 2000 I'd been itching to explorer this area, sitting adjacent to the Cradle Mountain- Lake Saint Clair National Park. We started at Friendly beaches, stretched our legs around Wine Glass Bay and picked up a couple of very friendly frisbee playing hikers to join our adventure. 

It's a perfect national park for a short hike, with varying pristine alpine scenery, few people, plenty water and idyllic camping spots. The high central plateau houses an alpine wonderland; a remote wilderness with dolerite peaks puncturing the horizon line, and aged conifer forests breaking the carpet of cushion plants. There's a real sense of remoteness in this area, with the vistas from Mt Jerusalem leading to the uninhabited Great Lakes conservation area on one side with thousands of tiny lakes glinting in the distance, and the familiar peaks of the Cradle Mountain National Park on the other. 

Friendly beaches
Wineglass bay.jpg
Mt jerrusalem.jpg
Ball lake.jpeg