Katfish takes off!

This was the first shoot for a new brand of swimmers my sister Katrina has created - Katfish.....swimmers for swimmer, by swimmers….and I can assure that they meet all the requirements for serious lap swims or leisurely paddles around Coogee Bay. I've been road testing the style for a few years now, and I'm so happy to share the 'tanable' range with all of you.

We had fun on Sunday morning with the kids running in and out of the waves, and multiple babies to juggle between the coffee sipping crew. Thanks to the beautiful models- Katrina with her daughter Grace, and Sarah - a regular Coogee morning swimmer.  The Katfish website is under development, so stay tuned for the latest styles and fabrics!  If you're desperate for a pair just emails me and i'll hook you up. There will be a few of us sporting tanables at one of the first ocean swims of the season - all the way around Wedding Cake Island and back on Sunday, anyone keen? enter here