WEFT Shop…..order in time for Christmas!

I've been working with the very passionate Australian women who have pulled together the WEFT Shop, slowly and lovingly over the past 10 years. A handful of Australian women  have joined forces to support the talents and traditional skills of Burmese women living as refugees in camps on the Thai-Burma border, up north in Chang Mai, as well as around Yangoon. WEFT works with small groups of women in these semi permanent situations, training them in modern design creation, using their traditional weaving techniques to produce textiles that are now available on the newly designed website.  


So, place your order now, or sign up to host a party with your friends in the new year. I'm hoping to travel to Burma early in the new year to capture more of the stories behind the scenes, so stay tuned for more images of the women creating these beautiful textiles. 

Time to contemplate

It was a moody and rain sodden beach on Sunday, with just a few lonely figures interrupting otherwise vacant scenes, bathing, walking, or fishing in isolation. All the usual meeting spots carried a melancholic air - perfect for capturing a quick late afternoon few shots before the storm rolled in. 

A quick trip across the ditch

The Cantebury highlands of NZ. Only a few hours flight, but a world away from Oz. Although the promised El Nino snow pattern didn't quite deliver the white stuff at the right time, the mountain scape did not disappoint. Driving home on dirt road short cuts to the pick of the ski fields, each day we were presented with the rugged terrain - rich rusty mountains with little snowy peaks bathed in the warm and dying winter light. I was blown away by the results on my return. Hope you enjoy!

Blue Gum Forest

A few pics from a weekend wander a few weeks ago into the depths of the towering Blue Gum Forest, with a cheerful group of 9, who were only slightly dampened by a short deluge on the way to our camp.  A brutally steep decent delivered us to the intimate pocket of Mountain Blue Gums, surrounded by towering orange cliffs just begging to be climbed! Perhaps for the next adventure....



Walls of Jerusalem - Tassie

With the new year comes new adventures, starting with a jaunt into the Walls of Jerusalem National Park in Tassie. Since walking the Overland Track back in 2000 I'd been itching to explorer this area, sitting adjacent to the Cradle Mountain- Lake Saint Clair National Park. We started at Friendly beaches, stretched our legs around Wine Glass Bay and picked up a couple of very friendly frisbee playing hikers to join our adventure. 

It's a perfect national park for a short hike, with varying pristine alpine scenery, few people, plenty water and idyllic camping spots. The high central plateau houses an alpine wonderland; a remote wilderness with dolerite peaks puncturing the horizon line, and aged conifer forests breaking the carpet of cushion plants. There's a real sense of remoteness in this area, with the vistas from Mt Jerusalem leading to the uninhabited Great Lakes conservation area on one side with thousands of tiny lakes glinting in the distance, and the familiar peaks of the Cradle Mountain National Park on the other. 

Friendly beaches
Wineglass bay.jpg
Mt jerrusalem.jpg
Ball lake.jpeg

An all nighter on the Hawkesbury

The gruelling 111km Hawkesbury Canoe Classic rolled around again last month and my brother and I were roped into land crewing duties for our uncle. This is the second Hawkesbury I've photographed, and it proves to be one of those wonderfully mad Australian events, attracting a spectrum of characters.  I left most of the wadding through mud support duties to my bro, and played with some long shutter times in the wee hours of the morning.

Dust off your kayak/canoe/dragon boat/paddle board and start training now if your planning on entering next year…111km on a moonless Hawkesbury is quite the challenge. 


Katfish takes off!

This was the first shoot for a new brand of swimmers my sister Katrina has created - Katfish.....swimmers for swimmer, by swimmers….and I can assure that they meet all the requirements for serious lap swims or leisurely paddles around Coogee Bay. I've been road testing the style for a few years now, and I'm so happy to share the 'tanable' range with all of you.

We had fun on Sunday morning with the kids running in and out of the waves, and multiple babies to juggle between the coffee sipping crew. Thanks to the beautiful models- Katrina with her daughter Grace, and Sarah - a regular Coogee morning swimmer.  The Katfish website is under development, so stay tuned for the latest styles and fabrics!  If you're desperate for a pair just emails me and i'll hook you up. There will be a few of us sporting tanables at one of the first ocean swims of the season - all the way around Wedding Cake Island and back on Sunday, anyone keen? enter here